OKBet Volley: What is Club Volleyball?

Girls who are interested in improving their talents and getting the experience necessary to play volleyball in high school and beyond have the opportunity to participate in a more competitive level of play through club volleyball.

Volleyball for clubs:

  • assists players in developing their skills by allowing them to train with a specific squad.
  • Offers the chance to compete in a tournament against teams from all across the region and maybe the country.
  • Offers the possibility of making new friends and competing against athletes who have aims comparable to one’s own.
  • Assists in the development of social skills and educates athletes about competitiveness as well as how to handle winning and losing.
  • offers the best opportunity for players to get their names known at the university level.

Common Club Questions:

When a player wants to join a club volleyball team, what are the minimum and maximum ages they can be?

  • Many clubs start their educational programming for young women as young as 8 years old.
  • At this time, Texas Outlaws Volleyball features teams for athletes ranging in age from 12 to 18.
  • The age classification standards established by USA Volleyball are adhered to by the Texas Outlaws Volleyball organization.


How are teams put together?

  • The outcomes of tryouts are used to determine the members of each team. Players compete against one another for a spot in their age group, and teams are ultimately determined by the players’ positions.

How many people make up a team altogether?

  • There are eight to twelve members on each team.

How many times a week do teams get together for practice?

  • The teams will meet for practice two to three times per week.

How many different competitions are there going to be?

  • There will be seven or eight local competitions that teams will compete in (in the Houston area).
  • The Regional (Travel) teams will compete in additional tournaments located outside of their home city.

When does the club season begin and when does it end?

  • November marks the beginning of the club season, which continues until late April or early May.

Attending competitions requires travel for all teams, right?

  • Only our Regional and National teams will be participating in competitions held outside of this city.
  • Only games that involve teams from the Houston region will be held.

Is it possible for me to play for more than one club?

  • No, if you sign up with a club, you have to play for them for the entire season if you want to keep your spot.

What are the typical costs associated with club teams?

  • The membership dues are different for each group. The cost per season might be anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

How are competitions often organized?

  • Teams from a variety of regions compete against one another in pool play of a club event using the best out of three sets to a maximum of 25 points each set. The best teams will move on to compete in the bracket playoffs. The minimum number of games that a team will play in a single day is often three. The majority of local team competitions are played in the Houston metropolitan area. Regional and national tournaments, on the other hand, can take place anywhere inside or outside of Texas. USA Volleyball has the authority to punish competitions. Our region is known as the Lone Star Region for USA Volleyball. All teams that are interested in competing at a national level are required to participate in bid events.

How long does each tournament typically go on for?

  • Players are expected to be present at a tournament beginning at 8:00 a.m. and continuing until 5:00–7:00 p.m. There are instances when tournaments are broken up into waves that occur in the morning and the afternoon. An average morning wave will continue until roughly three in the afternoon, while an afternoon wave may begin at three in the afternoon and continue until nine in the evening.
    Participation in USAV National qualifications is a possibility for the teams.
  • To compete at the USA Volleyball National Championships, a team must first qualify to do so by winning a regional bid championship or a USA Volleyball Bid event. If a team wants to compete at the national level, their regular season will continue into June, and they will have to pay more money to participate in practices and the national competition.

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