OKBet Volley: 2025 Beach Volleyball World in Australia

Australia was selected as the location for the 2025 Beach Volleyball World Championships at the International Volleyball Federation ( FIVB ) Congress, which took place in Arnhem Netherlands.

The competition currently has a strong line-up of host nations for upcoming editions, and Mexico is scheduled to host the 2023 Beach Volleyball World Championships as part of that lineup.

Rome hosted the even earlier this year, following a one-year delay that was brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

At the end of the Congress, it was decided by acclamation that Phuket, which is located in Thailand, will play host to the FIVB World Congress in 2024.

After the plans for the 39th FIVB World Congress were approved by the Congress, the vice president of the Thailand Volleyball World Association, Thiti Pluckchaoom, gave a presentation on those plans and thanked the delegates for their support.

Volleyball World

The delegates voted in favor of a number of amendments to the FIVB Constitution and Rules of Procedure, which were distributed to all of the National Federations in advance of the Congress.

In addition to key amendments aimed at increasing gender balance at the Board level, the changes include term limits for Board of Administration members of a maximum of three four-year terms. The term limits are part of the package of changes.

In particular, each Continental Confederation will be required, as part of its quota of Board seats, to ensure that there is at least one Board member from each gender. This requirement will take effect immediately.

In this way, gender representation will be ensured across all regions, and the FIVB Board of Administration will have a minimum of eight members who identify as belonging to a gender in the minority.

A modification that grants the FIVB the right to intervene in disputes that take place within National Federations was also given the green light for adoption. This is a right that will be exercised with the intention of guaranteeing that the sport will never be harmed by problems related to its governance.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), the organization that oversees volleyball on a global scale, has insisted that the recently implemented rule changes bring the organization in line with the most recent recommendations for effective governance.

Ary Graca, the President of the FIVB, praised what he called the “strong, united spirit of the global Volleyball family” at the conclusion of the first in-person FIVB Congress that had taken place since the 2018 edition in Cancun.

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