OKBet Volley: USA Volleyball Making Progress Without a Beijing Showcase

The efforts of USA Volleyball hindered by pandemic to expand the sport on the domestic front; however, those plans had been in the works.

When the Winter Olympics were held in Pyeongchang in 2018, snow volleyball was included as a demonstration sport for the first time. Jamie Davis, President and CEO of USA Volleyball, says that it is understandable that it is not being held in Beijing this year because China’s travel restrictions haven’t allowed for much leeway in terms of bringing additional athletes or staff.

On the other hand, he notes that not only is the sport still around but that it is actually thriving, particularly on the international stage.

“Right now, the United States of America is represented on the Snow Volleyball World Tour by multiple teams. His voice trailed off as he said, “We’ve been to Russia, Argentina, Austria, and Italy” “We have been sending our teams there to play. We really don’t have to compete against as many people in the United States, but in Europe, they’re all right there.

“When we finally emerge from COVID, it’s going to be one of our top priorities.”

The development of the sport will begin on a more regional and grass-roots level. USA Volleyball has been having discussions with ski resorts located all over the United States, and the organization intends to try to implement a strategy that has been successful in Europe.

“They put courts up at the top of the mountain near the gondola and other large lifts like that; there’s usually a vast open space and it can fit three to four courts,” “They put courts up at the top of the mountain near the gondola and other large lifts like that.” You have all this spectacularly beautiful scenery in the background and as people come up the mountain and get off the lift, they see this game going on. They stop skiing, remove their skis, and then sit down to watch.

The proprietors of the resort have constructed seating areas for guests out of snowbanks and laid out wooden planks for them to sit on. At the very top of the ski hill, there is likely to be a collection of bars and restaurants, all of which have the potential to generate business.

And those ready-made spectators have contributed to the growth of the game because at some point, they are bound to see an empty court (or set one up) and try their luck at playing the game themselves. The majority of people are already familiar with the rules (or at least the fundamentals), and it is not expensive to buy or set up the necessary equipment.

All of these things are exactly what Davis hopes to achieve in the United States.

Beginning in 2018, we have had a number of discussions with major ski resorts about the possibility of doing this. They are aware that it will result in a significant increase in business, but that this increase in business will not affect their ski operation.

Similar to its counterpart played on the beach, snow volleyball is enjoyable to watch for spectators who are interested in entertainment in addition to watching a sporting event.

“The really great thing about volleyball as a whole is that we have taken that beach vibe and tried to translate it to all of our disciplines. This is one of the really good things about volleyball.

There is music playing in the breaks between each point, and the spectators really get into it. They have these hand motions that they all make, and the atmosphere is very chill and almost like a party. This is not the place where there are ushers and seats have been assigned to you.”

That’s not to say there aren’t any guidelines (of course there are). The game is played in a format of three on three (as opposed to the 2-on-2 format of beach volleyball). The dimensions of the court are 16 meters by 8 meters (52.5 feet by 26.2 feet), and it is surrounded by a free zone that has a minimum size of 2 meters (6 1/2 feet) on all sides of the court.

USA Volleyball

Those who are keeping score will notice that this is virtually indistinguishable from beach volleyball; the only difference between the two sports is the size of the area that constitutes the free zone. In addition, the heights of the nets are the same for both men and women: 2.43 meters (7 feet 11 11/16 inches) for men and 2.24 meters (7 feet 4 3/16 inches) for women.

The snow on the playing surface needs to be at least 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) deep, and it needs to be as level as possible. These requirements come from the FIVB.

Davis adds, “You don’t want the snow to have too much powder or too much ice,” which both can be dangerous. It is imperative that you keep the well-being of the athletes in mind at all times.

There are a lot of striking similarities between beach volleyball and snow volleyball, and in fact, many people who play beach volleyball also play snow volleyball.

In December of 2018, we participated in our first FIVB competition with both men’s and women’s teams for the first time. The first competition was held in Moscow, and our ladies ended up winning first place. The male competitors did not earn any medals. We realized that the majority of our women’s team were beach players, while the majority of our men’s team were indoor players, and that this discipline was much better suited to people who played beach.

The men’s team for USA Volleyball underwent some personnel adjustments, which ultimately resulted in the team winning a bronze medal, and then going on to win the gold.

Although it’s still early in the season, we’re currently competitive.

Because the conditions of the snow game are so drastically different from those of the indoor and beach games, a specialized ball has been designed for the snow game. The surface of this ball is designed to be less slippery than the surface of a traditional ball.

Davis believes that there is an opportunity to showcase the discipline in locations that experience colder weather and that host indoor volleyball tournaments.

“I am confident that we will be able to get people interested in snow volleyball if we are able to construct outdoor courts for the sport.”

In contrast to the meteoric rise of beach volleyball at the collegiate level, which saw the game become an NCAA championship sport in a record amount of time, there are currently no college programs for the snow game of volleyball.

The inclusion of beach volleyball in the Olympic Games was, of course, a major driving force behind much of the sport’s expansion, which is yet another one of FIVB’s goals (and USA Volleyball).

“That is the true objective. We have high hopes that snow volleyball will one day be included in the Winter Olympics, and in the interim, we will do everything we can to get the sport back up and running. If we are successful in getting it added to the winter Olympic games, then it will be the only sport that competes in both the summer and winter versions of the Olympics.

If the IOC’s selections are any indication, the sport already possesses what it requires to be successful: it is played on snow, it has a following across the globe, and it is appealing to younger generations.

An appearance in the Olympics could have repercussions at the level of college clubs (particularly colleges in areas with snowy winters). Additionally, it may result in junior programming, which would make it possible for USA Volleyball to identify talented younger players competing in the snow discipline.

It has not been determined at this time whether or not the competition will be held once more in Milan Cortina in 2026.

In that case, USA Volleyball plans to be prepared to compete.

Davis refers to the enormous stage as “that.” “This is the spot where we want to play snow volleyball. Once it makes its way to the Olympics, that is when you will begin to witness the most significant explosion in terms of growth.

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