OKBet Volley: Gümüşhane Has a 30-year Snow Volleyball Tradition.

Snow volleyball is a tradition that has been going strong in the village of Gümüşhane for thirty years, which is located in the municipality of Yenice.

The game is played on the weekends during the winter months by residents of all ages. The “Swashbucklers of the Snow,” also known as “Karn Efeleri” in Turkish, are always prepared for a good match because they have constructed a net out of wooden poles and rope made from straw bales.

The residents of the village, who have been carrying on the tradition of playing snow volleyball for many years, are split into two teams according to their ages. The villagers have been working together to clear the snow, and now they are ready to compete against one another. The team that comes out on the losing end will have to make tea for the other villagers.

The more experienced players easily dominate their younger adversaries, and the intense competition frequently results in the formation of fascinating patterns in the snow that remains in the surrounding area.

‘inasi Durdu, 62 years old, stated that they keep the tradition alive by inviting young people living outside of the village to Yenice. He explained that this is how they keep the tradition alive “As part of our efforts to carry on the tradition, we make it a point to invite the young people who live in Gümüşhane to come see us every weekend. If they are able to carry on the tradition for subsequent generations, it will make us very happy.”

“As soon as we get out of bed each day, we use shovels to remove the snow from the front of the houses, the roads, and the barns, and then we go about our daily lives. The majority of our time is spent competing in inter-village competitions in sports such as football and volleyball, as well as entertaining visitors “he disclosed this information to the Ihlas News Agency (IHA).


During this time, the Mukhtar of Yenice Village, Bayram Durdu, stated that they were keeping an eye out for their competitors from Gümüşhane. “When we were younger, we often stopped what we were doing to observe them playing. There was no place for us to play that we could find. As we got older, we started playing games as well “he said.

“Competing against the locals of Gümüşhane in a game of chess is an enjoyable tradition that has been upheld for many years. It is my sincere desire that this practice will be maintained in the years to come. Since we don’t have any equipment, we have to improvise and make our own pole and net. Since we don’t have any equipment, we have to improvise and make our own equipment in order to play the game “Durdu stated, drawing attention to the fact that locals ranging in age from seven years old to seventy-seven years old participate in snow volleyball.

Durdu said: “We are going to carry on with this custom. Anyone who is interested in participating in the game is welcome to come to Gümüşhane and do so alongside us.”

Volleyball is a popular sport in Gümüşhane, and the residents of the town are well-known for their skill and enthusiasm in the sport. There is also a girls’ team that plays volleyball on a field that they set up with their own means and in their spare time in the Kirazlk village of the Torul district, which is located at an elevation of 2,229 meters (7,312 feet) above sea level. This team practices and plays on the field on a regular basis. The video of the Highland girls, also referred to as the “Sultans of the Highland” by the general public, has been viewed millions of times.

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