OKBet Volley: FaR OUT Volleyball Club is acquired by 3 STEP Sports.

Joe and Roxane Steenhuysen established FaR Out in 1997, during a time when there were few chances for club volleyball in Michigan and the club season was cut short due to the fact that Michigan high schools played in the winter.

The Steenhuysens formed their first 16 teams with athletes from two high schools in West Michigan: East Kentwood and Forest Hills Central. This was during the organization’s initial season. The Steenhuysens came up with the creative moniker FaR Out by using the first letter of both East Kentwood’s and Forrest Hills Central’s nicknames. East Kentwood is known as the Falcons, and Forrest Hills Central is known as the Rangers.

Joe Steenhuysen was asked about it, and he remarked that it was novel at the time. It was the finest thing that could have happened when a bunch of children who had been competing against one other as adversaries began playing together and became friends.

FaR Out

Relationships and training were the two cornerstones upon which FaR Out was initially established. The organization frequently makes reference to the abbreviation TLF, which stands for “trust, love, and family.” Today, FaR Out consists of more than 50 teams, a youth academy, summer programs, and a junior league for children in grades 4-6. The Capital region of FaR Out is located in Lansing.

Joe Steenhuysen expressed his pleasure at the opportunity to join the “who’s who” of volleyball clubs and coaches, saying, “We are extremely excited to take the next step.” “A significant number of the clubs that are affiliated with 3STEP have collaborated on commercial endeavors in the past, and now we are able to undertake even more ambitious projects.” Because we are now part of such a prestigious organization and a wonderful corporation, we are able to continue doing what we adore doing the most, which is teaching young athletes.

More than 3.2 million athletes in nine different sports are served by 3STEP. This is accomplished through 3STEP’s industry-leading events, nationally spanning club programs, premium media content, and other initiatives. 3STEP’s reach reaches 43 states. David Geaslen, who wanted to provide athletes and their families with better experiences and more chances, was the driving force behind the founding of 3STEP. The goal of 3STEP is to become the industry standard for the youth sports experience and to establish a pattern of uniformity throughout the sector. In addition, 3STEP runs the charitable organization Mission Win, which works to improve the lives of young people by encouraging their engagement in athletics and providing them with opportunities for leadership development and professional growth.

According to Geaslen, “FaR Out is the embodiment of hard labor, and it shows both on and off the court.” “Joe and Roxane Steenhuysen have done an incredible job of cultivating a community, and I have a great deal of affection and respect for what they’ve accomplished. They will blend in perfectly with the rest of our volleyball team.”

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